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Quidget is a flexible interface that gives you possibility to easily
integrate AI assistant into your website and preferred
messaging apps for streamlined communication.
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Launching your first AI assistant is a breeze with Quidget. Start giving tasks
to your personal AI assistant in under 30 minutes.
Create an AI assistant using Quidget’s easy-to-use interface.
No coding skills are required!
Upload your knowledge base; keep your AI assistant updated by feeding it more data whenever you need.
Effortlessly link your AI assistant with your website and communication channels.
Test and adjust: check how your assistant works in the settings and apply any necessary corrections.
Quidget has a
limitless potential
The AI assistant you create goes beyond mere messaging and communication — it's a versatile tool. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose different assistant options.
OpenAI Assistant
A comprehensive solution that serves as your personal co-pilot, helping you manage daily assignments, monitor advertising campaigns, collect and analyze data, send task updates to your team and more.
CoSupport AI integration
Collaborate with CoSupport AI to get a secured environment for your sensitive data, integrate AI reply suggestions, FAQ automation, 24/7 presence, and automated analytics summaries.
Create custom workflow
Create a dynamic and customizable interaction experience by tailoring your communication with a chatbot built using nodes, allowing for a versatile and personalized engagement with users.
Enjoy the freedom to use multiple options simultaneously or choose a primary option and utilize others as needed for seamless support and operational efficiency.

Use our built-in
web messenger

Connect easily with your website visitors using Quidget's Web Chat, which serves as a hub for your AI assistants. Expertly designed by the Quidget team, Web Chat effortlessly integrates into your webpage, allowing your AI assistant to start working on the tasks right away.

Connect your favorite tools

Get even more value from your favorite tools. Quidget empowers you to seamlessly connect to Google Docs, Google Calendar, Freshdesk, Zendesk, and communicate effortlessly through messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, Slack, Messenger and Telegram.
Google Docs
Google Calendar

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Andrew Vernyhor
Optimization Specialist
I love Quidget's design – it's super easy to navigate. Managing large amounts of user data and documents is a piece of cake with Quidget's AI assistant. It helps find, organize, and share information effortlessly — highly recommended!
Josh Brown
CEO, Softorino
Simple and convenient. I've spent mere minutes to create an AI assistant, and now it saves hours on customer support requests. Highly recommended!
Daryna Khozhai
Administrative Specialist
Our team loves using Quidget’s AI assistant for real-life office monitoring! Employees report issues like broken lights and Wi-Fi problems, and we quickly address and fix them. And, thanks to integration with Slack and Telegram, we never miss a message.
Valentyn Filipenko
Marketing Manager
Quidget made adding an AI assistant to our website so easy. We trained it to collect leads and emails, so now we can easily promote offers and guide potential customers through the qualification process. It works amazing!