Release notes for April 2024

Quidget continues to grow and get better. In the latest update, we've introduced a long-awaited onboarding process for new users. Additionally, we've revamped the process for adding new bots and redesigned the WebChat Settings section for improved usability, along with fixing some bugs.

Here's what's new in Quidget:

#New #CoSupport #CustomBot šŸ“Œ Added a comprehensive onboarding process for new users to ease their initial setup and orientation within the platform.

#Improvement #Interface #CustomBot šŸ“Œ Completely overhauled the process of adding new bots, including a refreshed interface and streamlined workflow to simplify the setup experience.

#Improvement #WebChat šŸ“Œ Redesigned the WebChat Settings section with a more intuitive layout for easier navigation and configuration. Added a WebChat Home Screen section to easily set up a WebChat welcome page that appears before the conversation starts.

#New #WebChat šŸ“Œ Introduced the ability to customize allowed domains for WebChat, providing users with greater control over their communication channels.

#New #WebChat #Interface šŸ“Œ Implemented a user-friendly view of tables in Web Chat to enhance readability and accessibility for users interacting with tabular data.

#Fix #CoSupport #Performance šŸ“Œ We've actively addressed various system bugs, such as the disappearance of documents after reloading the page, malfunction in CoSupport integration with multiple active integrations, and fields validation issues, to ensure smoother operation and improved reliability across the platform.