Release notes for November 2023

Here's what's new in Version 281123:

  1. Added Markdown for Live Chat and documentation. ✍️📄
  2. Fixed Live Chat errors for mobile devices. 📱🔧
  3. Added Live Chat color inversion. Now, when choosing dark or light shades of color, your text will always be visible. 🎨🔃
  4. The view of Live Chat has been increased to display more information and improve convenience of use. 🖥️🔍
  5. The appearance of the Flow builder has been changed. 🔄🎨
  6. Phone number formatting was updated to exclude special characters. 📞
  7. An action listener feature was introduced to the system. 🎧
  8. Critical alerts were moved to Sentry for enhanced monitoring. ⚠️🔒
  9. Logging events were updated for improved monitoring capabilities. 📝🔧
  10. Elastic search functionalities were expanded by adding pages and tags. 📄🏷️
  11. A typing and preview chat button was added to the flow builder. ⌨️👁️
  12. Elastic/Kibana was updated to the latest version in docker-compose.yml. 🐳
  13. Fixes and updates were made in the documentation. 📖🔧
  14. Scenarios for ending conversations were managed in the support functionality. 🗣️
  15. Minor issues within the application were resolved. 🛠️
  16. Scroll issues in the flow builder were corrected. 🔄🔒