Using the "Send To" action

Send To action allows you to send notifications to your selected customers or channels.


  1. Click the "Send To" action.
  2. Select the "Run" option (before or after).
  3. Select the "Filters" (ANY, QUERY, CHANNEL).
  4. Enter the value that you want to send the message to.
  5. Click the "Save" button.

Functions available in “Send to” action:

Function Description
RUN The conditions for launching the “Send To” action. If you select "Before", the “Send To” action will run without waiting for a response from the user. If you select “After”, the “Send To” action will run after the user responds.
TO INPUT FIELD (ANY ONLY) If you have the filter "ANY" selected, then in this field you will be able to enter or select from existing users of your Bot.
SEND INCOMING MESSAGE Allows you to choose whether to send push notifications to the user.
MESSAGE Enter your message. You can use variables, CONTEXT, insert attachments and add buttons.

Filters allows you to choose exactly who to send the message to:

Filter Description
ANY Choose any users of your bot from the drop-down list, or by searching for the ones you want.
QUERY Enter the users you need in JSON
CHANNEL Choose which channel to send the message to (only available in Slack).